The New America Exhibit – A Gallery for White

This September, SET is staging the comedy “WHITE” by James Ijames. The play, which centers around a fictional art exhibit called “New America,” is about more than just art. It explores the complex issues of race, gender, sexuality, and equality in today’s world.

The works submitted by area artists became a part of the physical set. All artists were welcome, and we received diverse works from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and persons as young as 12 years old. We had both new and experienced artists, as well as work inspired by the show and existing work pulled from artist’s catalogs.

To purchase any of these pieces, please email and we’ll get you in touch with the artist, or contact them directly using their social media links provided below their bio.

About WHITE, by James Ijames

Gus, a white male artist, wants to be presented in a major exhibition for artists of color. To skirt the requirement, he submits his work as the work of a Black lesbian. As part of this ruse, he hires Vanessa, a Black actress, to perform as Balkonaé Townsend, a brash and political character he has created to fit the museum’s desire for “new voices.” Everything is going according to plan until Balkonaé breaks free of Gus’ “vision” for her and finds her own voice. At once hilarious and terrifying, this play unflinchingly explores the complex issues of race, gender, sexuality, and the definition of art.

Muji Rieger

Muji is a local Colorado artist, born and raised in Manitou. As a young artist, he studied Arabic calligraphy and Sufism throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia under the tutelage of Sheikh Abu Saifullah Mujahideen where he acquired Ijaza in the five major calligraphy styles. Upon returning to the US, he became the executive director of the Knob Hill Urban Arts District who’s mission is to bring art to the public and revitalize a neglected area. He is an enigma into himself.

Dana #2, $600

Lovers, $1200

Figure Study #21, $600

Ollie Gielas

Ollie Gielas just graduated from Cornell College with a Bachelors in Studio Art and Theatre. Ollie loves combining art with theatre to make interesting creations. Some of their favorite things are puppet making, stage makeup, and costume design. Ollie has been professionally painting for the past seven years and is currently working on creating individualized lessons for anyone who wants to develop and grow their art skills. To see more of their work please visit

Untitled – $225

New America or Fuck America – $225

BLM – $225 – Sold

Elise Neal

Elise Neal is a multi-medium artist who loves fantasy, dragons, and watercolor. She loves making art that makes other people happy and shares a story. She plans to continue to participate in creating art as a regular hobby, but right now prefers to focus on school. This piece is an acrylic painting of a hand holding a burning match in a dark room. It was inspired by a passing thought. It doesn’t have a specific meaning and was created to be interpreted by the beholder. 

A Spark in the Darkness – $50

Ravyn Martinez

Ravyn Martinez is a 21 year old cis female. She currently lives in Denver with her girlfriend, their two dogs, guinea pigs, and frog. She originally started painting about 2 years ago when she was in an abusive relationship. “Painting was my escape.” She loves sitting down with her emotions and just painting away. For this painting in particular, “I painted how it feels to be in the lgbt community and having to feel silenced.”

Untitled – $175 -SOLD

Christine Flores

Christine Flores was born in 1991 in Colorado Springs. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in May 2020. In 2017, Flores exhibited her first solo show Space: new works on paper at The Proof Gallery at Lady Fingers Letterpress. Flores’ work was featured in The Modbo’s exhibitions Young Hot Sh*ts in 2017 and Rule Number 1 in 2018. Flores was awarded the Pikes Peak Art Council’s Rising Star Award in 2018. She most recently exhibited her work in the group show Gratitude at Kresuer Gallery in February 2020.

Christine explores the everyday joys and trials of human experience through multimedia projects. While she works in sculpture, installation, and performance, her work most often takes the form of whimsical drawings of ordinary objects on paper rendered in dry media such as ink, graphite, charcoal, and markers. Flores’ work is simultaneously personal and democratic in its representations of human emotion and behavior, illustrating events that can be both individually experienced and shared. Her focus on the everyday imparts relatability to her works, while quiet but intricate details invite close and intimate investigation. Flores’ work depicts the breadth of human experiences, ranging from quick doodles celebrating the so-called “little things” to detailed drawings that contemplate the more difficult parts of life such as death.

Untitled – $150 – SOLD

Elly Siebert

Elly Siebert is a 7th grader at Eagleview Middle School in the Academic Arts Academy (AAA).  In 4th grade, National Geographic Kids selected her Halloween drawing for publication in their magazine.  In 6th grade, Elly won the AAA Visual Arts award and had her watercolor collage selected for the D11 Young Peoples Art Expedition.   In addition to art, Elly’s other interests include dancing, singing, acting, reading, and basketball.  Her works for WHITE include Neowise, an acrylic painting inspired by her recent trip to Arches National Park, and Elly, an acrylic self-portrait which she had never attempted before this opportunity. “Thank you Jodi Papproth for inviting me to contribute my paintings to the play!”

Neowise, $25

Elly, $25