December 5 – 22, 2019

by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s classic story of tyranny, power, corruption, and betrayal in ancient Rome.
After defeating Pompey, Julius Caesar arrives home a triumphant conqueror, but the senators are uneasy about Caesar’s sudden expansion of power and so conspire to overthrow their leader. The power vacuum created, however, by Caesar’s demise is a larger threat to Rome than the senators bargained for.
Julius Caesar will get a fresh look through the eyes of the talented women of Colorado Springs in this gender-reversed adaptation of Julius Caesar’s rise and fall from power. This production will explore what feminine power looks like, the question of the masculine role in such a society, and how those power structures are navigated.

Caesar: Amy Brooks
Calphurnio: Emory John Collinson
Brutus: Lynne Hastings
Portius: Josh Neal
Cassius: Brittany Merritt
Casca: Desireé Myers
Cinna: Bethany Kuçana
Decia: Virginia Henly-Gatz
Ligarius: Amaya Egusquiza
Antony: Kala Roquemore
Octavia: Kendra Shock
Soothsayer: Lynn Whistler Jacobs
Dancer 1 (Artimedora; Lepida; Citizens): Allyson Hackworth
Dancer 2 (Lucia; Citizens): Cyndi Parr
Dancer 3 (Popilia; Citizens; Soldiers): Saydra Schmitz
Dancer 4 (Citizens; Soldiers): Madeline Campbell

Producer/Director: Jenny Maloney
Producer: Matt Radcliffe
Producer: Holly Haverkorn
Assistant Director: Taylor Geiman
Stage Manager: Grant Langdon
Choreographer: Emma Lepore
Dramaturg: Janele Johnson
Set Designer: Brianna G. Pilon
Lighting Designer: Jenny Maloney
Lighting Operator: John Gillis
Sound Designer: Bob Morsch
Sound Operator: Alicia Franks
Costume Designer: Jillmarie Peterson
Costume Design Assistant: Bethany Kucana
Prop Designer: Carley Crowder
Photos: Dana Kjeldsen
House/Box Office: Taylor Geiman
Production Assistant/Intern: Yasar Habib
Build Crew: Leo Haselhorst, Debby Brewer