Lonesome Hollow

October 15 – November 1, 2015

by Lee Blessing

Springs Ensemble Theatre continues its 6th season with LONESOME HOLLOW, opening October 15 and running through November 1, 2015.  Written by Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Lee Blessing, author of A WALK IN THE WOODS and TWO ROOMS, LONESOME HOLLOW takes place in the near future, where sexual offenders have been removed from society and placed in internment camps all over rural America. Offenders can be kept indefinitely, regardless of the severity of their offenses.

Directed by Jonathan Margheim, a veteran of the Colorado Springs’ theatre scene and one of SET’s newest ensemble members, LONESEOME HOLLOW is the story of Tuck (Taylor Geiman). Tuck is a photographer who has served his sentence for sleeping with a teenage girl but he is still incarcerated with serial molester Nye (Emory John Collinson). When Tuck’s sister, Pearl (Sarah S. Shaver) attempts to gain her brother’s release, they must navigate the shady rules and regulations enforced by Glover, the camp’s director, (Steve Emily) and Mills (Rachel Baker), Glover’s right hand.

Then the difficult questions arise. Is art pornography? Does sex equal love? Does the punishment fit the crime? As the men and women trapped behind the fences try to answer these questions, the true dark side of LONESOME HOLLOW emerges.

Cast and Production Team

Cast List:

Tuck: Taylor Geiman

Nye: Emory John Collinson

Mills: Rachel Baker

Glover: Steve Emily

Pearl: Sarah S Shaver

Production Team:

Director: Jonathan Margheim

Assistant Director: Crystal Carter

Co-Producers: Steve Emily, Jenny Maloney, Matt Radcliffe

Stage Manager:

Set Design: June Scott Barfield

Technical Director:

Costume Design: Emory John Collinson

Light Design: Brianna Pilon

Sound Design:

Props Design:

Fight Choreography:

Playbill Design: Matt Radcliffe

Poster Design: Steve Emily/Matt Radcliffe

Trailer Design: Steve Emily/Jenny Maloney

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