October 13 – 30, 2016

    by Bernard Pomerance

    Henry Nominations: Best Director: Matt Radcliffe, Best Sound Design: The Rogue Spirits, Best Actor: Micah Speirs

    Springs Ensemble Theatre Continues Its Seventh Season with The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance

    Springs Ensemble Theatre (“SET”) continues its seventh season with an intimate production of Bernard Pomerance’s classic The Elephant Man. The play follows the life of John Merrick, a man disfigured by a rare bone disease, who becomes the leading side-show attraction in Victorian London. The Elephant Man is a beautiful exploration of what it means to be human.

    John Merrick, the titular elephant man (played by SET’s own Micah Speirs), is a scientific curiosity whose plight captures the attention of respected physician Frederick Treves (Jude Bishop). Treves obsesses over creating a “normal” life for Merrick and introduces him to the actress Mrs. Kendal (E. Amber Singleton) who, in turn, introduces Merrick to the upper classes of Victorian society. Merrick’s wit and quick observations make him a social darling, but his physical disfigurements prevent him from being seen for what he truly is: a man, plain and simple.

    The Elephant Man is directed by SET member Matt Radcliffe and showcases some of Colorado Springs’ best talent, including SET ensemble members Micah Speirs, Emory John Collinson, and Hannah Alden McCullough, as well as guest artists Jude Bishop, Danine Schell, Buck Buchanan, Greg Farinelli, E. Amber Singleton, Taylor Geiman, and Alicia Kensington Franks. Local band The Rogue Spirits (Travis Duncan and Jeremiah Walter) will perform alongside the actors to create live music and effects for the show.

    Cast and Production Team


    Micah Speirs John Merrick
    Taylor Geiman Ross/Bishop How
    E. Amber Singleton Mrs. Kindal
    Greg Farinelli Police/Prince
    Danine Schell Pinhead/ Mrs. Sandwich/Princess
    Alicia Kensington Franks Pinhead/Duchess
    Hannah Alden McCullough Pinhead/Countess
    Buck Buchanan Gomm/Conductor
    Jude Bishop Treves
    Emory John Collinson Police/Snork

    Production Team

    Matt Radcliffe Executive Producer/Director
    Brianna G. Pilon Assistant Director, Scenic Design, Co-Producer
    Sarah S. Shaver Costume Design
    Micah Speirs Co-Producer/Merrick
    Charles Redding Props Design
    Emory John Collinson Lights Design
    Rebecca Savage Stage Manager
    Anthony Grimaldo Board Operator
    Jeremiah Walter Sound Design/Original Music
    Travis Duncan Sound Design/Original Music
    John A. Zincone Multi-media Design
    Jessica Weaver Dramaturg