The Underpants

May 31 – June 17, 2012

by Steve Martin

Cast: Steve Emily, Erin (King) Ambroz, Jillmarie Peterson, Oscar Robinson, 

Emory John Collinson, Marshall Kean, Michael Miller

Producer: Jodi Papproth

Co-Producer/Box Office and House ManagerL Keri Pollakoff

Director: Sarah Sheppard Shaver

Stage Manager: Emily Christensen

Set Design: Max Ferguson, June Scott Barfield

Technical Director: Mike Miller

Costume Design: Jillmarie Peterson

Trailer/Poster/Program: Steve Emily

Sound Design: David Plambeck

Light Design: Shayn Megilligan

Marketing: Chad Siebert, Lisa Siebert

Props: Christine Vitale

Our review in the Colorado Springs Independent