July 21 – August 8, 2016

    by William Shakespeare (adapted by Jonathan Margheim)

    Springs Ensemble Theatre explores a different facet of William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus with an all-female cast. Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s earliest tragedy and widely acknowledged as his most violent play, gets a new outlook. Spearheaded by lauded local performer Amy Brooks as the war-weary Titus, the production offers an opportunity for some of Colorado Springs’ most talented actors to dominate the SET stage.

    Join SET as we give fresh life to a well-known story. Titus Andronicus (Brooks) returns from a decade-long war victorious, but with twenty-one dead sons. To appease their ghosts, he sacrifices the son of his long-time enemy, Tamora, Queen of the Goths (Crystal Carter). She vows revenge and the resulting spiral of violence threatens the fabric of Rome and exposes just how far two people will go to defend their families.

    Directed by SET ensemble member, Jenny Maloney, Titus Andronicus is set in a world where Rome is a shell of its former state. Bringing this world to life is a gifted cast, including performances from local artists: Amy Brooks, Kala Roquemore, Taylor Grzesiek, Jessica Parnello, Michelle Pantle, Alayna Rose Alonge, Brittany Merritt, Laura Fuller, Alicia Franks, Erica Erickson, Milagros Burney, Saundra Bouchie, Kendra Shock and Cheyenne York. Titus Andronicus also includes intense performances from ensemble members Jillmarie Peterson, Brianna G. Pilon, and Holly Haverkorn.



    Titus Andronicus: Amy Brooks

    Tamora, Queen of the Goths: Crystal Carter

    Aaron the Moor: Kala Roquemore

    Saturninus: Jillmarie Peterson

    Bassianus: Brianna G Pilon

    Lucius: Taylor Grzesiek

    Lavinia: Jessica Parnello

    Marcus: Holly Haverkorn

    Quintus: Michelle Pantle

    Martius: Alayna Rose Alonge

    Mutius: Brittany Merritt

    Alarbus: Laura Fuller

    Chiron: Alicia Franks

    Demetrius: Erica Erickson

    Young Lucius: Milagros Burney

    Nurse: Hannah McCullough

    Aemilius: Saundra Bouchie

    Publius: Kendra Shock

    Clown: Cheyenne York

    Production Team

    Executive Producer: Jonathan Marghein

    Co-Producers: Crystal Carter, Jenny Maloney

    Director: Jenny Maloney

    Assistant Director: Jodi Papproth

    Stage Manager: Kylie Hartnett

    Assistant Stage Manager: Kasey Pineda

    Fight Choreography: Steve Perkins

    Technical Director: Max Ferguson

    Set Design: Jenny Maloney, Max Ferguson

    Set Construction: Brandon Foster, Brandon Combs, Gabriel Espinoza-Lira

    Set Painting: Johnny Radabaugh, Gabriel Espinoza-Lira

    Costume Designer: Sarah S Shaver

    Costume Construction: Christine Vitale

    Costume Assistant: Hannah McCullough

    Lighting Designer: Sean Verdu

    Sound Design: Bob Morsch

    Props: Matt Radcliffe

    Special Props Design: Marie Verdu

    Weapon Design: Charles Redding

    Original Artwork: Greg Reilly

    Make-Up Artist: Cheyenne York

    Hair: Ethan Gann

    Dramaturg: Jodi Papproth

    Photography: Broken Glass Photography (Anthony Graham)

    Box Office: Emory John Collinson

    Poster Design: Matt Radcliffe

    Cinematography: Dana Kjeldsen

    Program Design: Matt Radcliffe