Call for Submissions

Springs Ensemble Theatre (SET) invites visual artists of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to submit work as part of a unique cross-disciplinary opportunity.

This September, SET is staging the comedy “WHITE” by James Ijames. The play, which centers around a fictional art exhibit called “New America,” is about more than just art. It explores the complex issues of race, gender, sexuality, and equality in today’s world. (Learn more below.) 

The works submitted by area artists will become a part of the physical set and lobby gallery. All artists are welcome, and we want to support diverse perspectives. We strongly encourage those who are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or have a disability to submit. We are looking for both new and experienced artists, and all submissions will be strongly considered. Please note that this is a volunteer opportunity and compensation is not available.

How to Submit

Complete the submission form below and submit photographs of your work. Deadline to submit is Saturday, August 15. 

About WHITE, by James Ijames

Gus, a white male artist, wants to be presented in a major exhibition for artists of color. To skirt the requirement, he submits his work as the work of a Black lesbian. As part of this ruse, he hires Vanessa, a Black actress, to perform as Balkonaé Townsend, a brash and political character he has created to fit the museum’s desire for “new voices.” Everything is going according to plan until Balkonaé breaks free of Gus’ “vision” for her and finds her own voice. At once hilarious and terrifying, this play unflinchingly explores the complex issues of race, gender, sexuality, and the definition of art.

Art Guidelines:

Art must be on canvas. (SET will provide a blank canvas if requested for new artwork being created for the show.)

Size: The bigger the better! But we will accept anything between 8 inches x 10 inches up to a maximum size of 4 foot x 5 foot.

Art may not contain glass due to theatrical lighting requirements. Please keep this in mind when choosing other mediums that might be overly reflective.

Art cannot be predominantly white as this is a major plot point in the show.

Must be available for display from August 22 – October 17.

Artists will receive:

A blank canvas to use if creating new artwork for the show;

Approximately 1,000 hours of community exposure during 12 video streaming performances;

Credit in the production’s program;

Social media cross-promotion;

The opportunity to sell your work if you choose. 

Responsibilities of artist:

Provide up to three pieces of artwork. Artists may choose from these options:

Option 1 – Loan an existing piece or pieces

Option 2 – Create a new piece or pieces for the show 

Option 3 – Provide a mix of both existing and new pieces.

Drop off artwork at Springs Ensemble Theatre on Saturday, August 22 between 8am – 6pm. (An appointment will be necessary to ensure social distancing.)*

Pick up artwork on Saturday, October 17.*

Provide a short artist statement around the theme of “New America”

*Note: If you do not have transportation or feel uncomfortable coming to our space due to COVID, we can arrange to pick up/drop off your artwork.

    Would you like to:
    Submit existing piece(s)Create new piece(s)A combination of both

    If creating a new piece, will you need SET to provide you with a canvas?

    Will your work be complete/ready for pick-up/drop off on August 22nd?

    Will your art be available for display from August 22 - October 16?

    Would you like to make your art available for purchase?

    If you would like to submit an existing piece (or pieces), please submit a photo of the work(s). If you would like to create a new piece (or pieces), please submit 1-3 photos of other work you have done. (A link to your social media profiles above is acceptable.) If you'd like to upload more than three photos, please reply to the confirmation email we send with additional photos.

    By submitting this form, I grant Springs Ensemble Theatre (SET) the right to display my work as part of the set/lobby gallery for all live and recorded performances of WHITE by James Ijames. I understand that while SET will make every effort to protect my piece(s), live theatre comes with some inherent risk and I agree to hold SET harmless for any damage that may occur during rehearsals and/or performances.