SET is holding auditions for One Flea Spare by Naomi Wallace, directed by Sarah Sheppard Shaver.

Performance Dates: October 7-24 in front of a live in-person audience.

Summary: The wealthy Snelgraves, shut up in their house in a Plague-ravaged London in 1665, have only hours left of a 28-day quarantine when their home is invaded by a sailor, Bunce, and a feral 12-year-old girl who claims to be the only surviving child of neighbors. With the arrival of the newcomers, the Snelgraves’ quarantine, enforced by the corrupt guardsman Kabe, must begin all over again. Class, intimacy, morality, and survival are all up for grabs and the only thing these strangers fear more than the Plague is each other.

Audition Dates: Sunday Aug 8th, 12-6pm. Sign up for a 10 Min slot.

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Short prepared (but not memorized) monologue side from the script.

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Bring resume and list of conflicts. Walk-ins welcome and we will work you in around the people with appointments.

Callbacks with scenework Tuesday, Aug 10th, 6-10pm.

Springs Ensemble Theatre is committed to diverse and inclusive casting. This show involves sharing close spaces and physical contact with other performers. This play contains adult language and calls for performances of scenes portraying violence and intimacy. For the safety of our cast, crew, and audience, only actors who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can be considered.

Be aware that Springs Ensemble Theatre is an all-volunteer company. All positions are unpaid.

Character descriptions:

William Snelgrave: Male presenting. Any ethnicity or body type. 50s+. Darcy’s husband. Cruel, abusive, aristocratic, loves to play mind games, morality and class and survival are all things he feels ownership of. Some yearnings for the flesh of men. Intimacy/Violence notes: gives a slap, adult language, gets tied up and gagged, exchanges shoes and socks with someone else, has water dribbled on his face from someone else’s mouth, has face blown on.

Darcy Snelgrave: Female presenting. Any ethnicity or body type. 50s. William’s wife. Privileged, awkward attempts at generosity. Trapped. Buttoned up. An accident burned her body 35 years ago. She covers all flesh, neck down. Has not felt sensual pleasure or human touch in 35 years. Intimacy/Violence notes: breasts felt on top of clothes, has face blown on, a kiss, simulated sex act under her skirts.

Morse: Female presenting. Any ethnicity. Looking for an adult who could play a feral girl who says she’s 12 years old but “older on the inside”. A servant who escaped from another house, claiming to be the daughter of an aristocrat. Uses whatever she can (sexuality, trades, lies, alliances, prophesy) to survive. Intimacy/Violence notes: gets simulated slapped in the face, stabs someone, touches a clothed breast, blows on someone’s face, shows stomach, shows bloomers, is shown a man’s genitals, has toes simulated sucked on.

Bunce: Male presenting. Any ethnicity or body type. A sailor. Younger than the Snelgraves. He’s seen some horrifying stuff. Tells tales of them when pressed. Always tying knots. Mostly “knows his place,” but there’s some rising dignity too. Rough. Sensual. Has known some pleasures too. Intimacy/Violence notes: touches a clothed breast, simulated sex act, a kiss, eats from an orange that has been in someone else’s hands, adult language of sexual, graphic violence, and blasphemous themes.

Kabe: Male presenting. Any age, 18-90s. Any ethnicity or body type. Funny, lecherous, gross. The guard of the house. Bribeable. Corrupt. Musical. Potential for playing an instrument while singing. Does not have to play or sing well. Intimacy/Violence notes: adult language and themes with a “minor” (the actor playing the character will not be a minor), flashes genitals to Morse, simulated sucks on toes.

We hope to see you there!