Springs Ensemble Theatre (SET) announces auditions for
Strangers on a Train by Craig Warner based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith.
Auditions for the first show of Springs Ensemble Theatre’s Season 11!

Please sign up for a 15 minute time slot for a cold-read audition. We will be auditioning for the following roles:

Elsie Bruno- (Female) Charles Bruno’s mother and wife to Sam Bruno. Uncomfortably attached to her son. Grand, dramatic, and elegant.

Ann Faulkner- (Female) Guy’s fiancée,later his wife. Hopeful and optimistic. Stronger than she looks.

Frank Myers- (Male) Guy’s friend, fellow architect, who shares the same office with Guy.

Robert Treacher- (Male) a Canadian, Guy’s college roommate and long-time friend.

Arthur Gerard- (Male) a former police officer turned private eye; Sam Bruno’s friend, who has also been his client.

The roles of Bruno and Guy have been cast.

Sign up at: