Holiday Play Festival

Featuring Original Works by Local Playwrights

Not My Santa by Warren Epstein
The Last Rustle by Phil Ginsburg
Christmas Carnage; or Bustin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Jenny Maloney
Dépaysée by Hollyann McCann
Match Box by Emily Newton
Boxed In by Amy Pieri
The Reckless Christmas Pageant by Richard Sebastian-Coleman
1985 Christmas by V.B. Rankin
The Donors by Lisa Siebert
Polar Opposites by Jeremiah Walter*

Aster Allen
Kim Bennett
Ashley Crockett
Allyson Hackworth
Dana Kjeldsen
Kat McGrail
Cara D. Pearce
Dan Robbins
Danine Schell
Mary Sprunger-Froese
Sean Verdu

Production Team
Executive Producer: Jeremiah Walter*
Directors: Emory John Collinson*, Matt Radcliffe*,
Jeremiah Walter*
Co-Producers: Emory John Collinson*, Sarah
Sheppard Shaver*, Justin Anderson*
Stage Manager: Allyson Hackworth
Assistant Stage Manager: Jess Hampton
Board Operator: Kit Silva
Costume Design: Kristin Lee
Light Design: Sean Verdu
Sound Design: Kitty Robbins*
Props Design: Marie Verdu*, Jeremiah Walter*
Scenic Build and Paint: Matt Radcliffe*, Daniel
Robbins, Jeremiah Walter*, Emory John Collinson*
Videographer: Kitty Robbins*
House Manager: Jeremiah Walter*
Poster Design: Matt Radcliffe*
Program: Jeremiah Walter*

*SET Member