• The Moors

    May 9 – 26, 2019

    by Jen Silverman

    Springs Ensemble Theatre continues its tenth season with The Moors, a dark comedy by Jen Silverman. Two sisters survive life on the desolate English moors by dreaming of fame and power. When a governess answers one of their advertisements, it looks like some of their schemes and dreams might pay off…dangerously so.

    On the same dreary landscape that inspired the Brontë sisters, Agatha (Barbara Summerville) and Huldey (SET member Jodi Papproth) live out lonely lives with their philosophical Mastiff (Nathaniel Bourn) and cynical maid Marjory (SET member Holly Haverkorn). Desperate to escape their circumstances, they invite Emilie (Ellie Hinkle), a new governess, to help hatch a plan to make their mark on the world. While his humans are busy plotting, the Mastiff is hatching plots of his own with an unsuspecting Moorhen (Madalyn Roberts).

    Barbara Summerville – Agatha
    Jodi Papproth – Huldey
    Holly Haverkorn – Marjory
    Ellie Hinkle – Emilie
    Madalyn Roberts – Moorhen
    Nathaniel Bourn – Mastiff

    Production Team
    Holly Haverkorn – Executive Producer
    Emory John Collinson- Co-Producer/Director
    Carley Crowder – Stage Manager
    Carmina Paner – Stage Manager
    Carley Crowder – Set Designer
    Taylor Geiman – Build Crew
    Justin Anderson – Build Crew
    Marie Verdu – Build Crew
    Kenny Knapp – Lights Designer
    Jillmarie Peterson – Costume Designer
    Kitty Robbins – Sound Designer
    Emma Dean – Props Designer
    Meg Hodorovitch – Board Operator