• A Late Snow

    April 9 – 26, 2015

    by Jane Chambers

    Springs Ensemble Theatre continues our critically acclaimed sixth main-stage season with Jane Chambers’ A LATE SNOW, opens April 9th and performs through April 26th, 2015.

    A LATE SNOW is the story of a woman trapped in a snowstorm with her first, last, current and, possibly, next lover.  A Late Snow is about how we find love, how we decide the right partner for us, and how to finally choose to live an authentic life.

    Ellie is a professor at a conservative college in a conservative state.  She worries about being openly gay, as it could mean she will lose her job.  Jane Chambers, who was far ahead of her time, wrote A Late Snow in 1974, when people had to worry about the risks of living a life true to themselves.  Now, in 2015, there are still conservative circles in conservative states where LGBT professionals still worry about what their peers might think and how it might affect their work, family, and livelihood. We have come so far, but the fact that Jane Chambers’ words still ring true today shows us just how far we still have to go.  As part of a season that is 80% written by strong, female writers, SET is excited to bring this seldom-seen, ground-breaking play back to the Front Range!

    Cast and Production Team



    Ellie – Virginia Henley Gatz

    Pat – Jenny Maloney

    Quincey – Jessica Parnello

    Margo – Ellen Regina

    Peggy – Jessica Weaver


    Producers – Jillmarie Peterson, Emory John Collinson, and Jessica Weaver

    Director – Emory John Collinson

    Stage Manager – Rebecca Savage

    Set Design – Emory John Collinson, Jillmarie Peterson and Crystal Carter

    Technical Director – Crystal Carter

    Lighting Design – Jenny Maloney

    Costume Design – Gabriel Espinoza-Lira

    Sound Design – Brianna Pilon

    Prop Design – Micah Spiers

    Poster Design – Matt Radcliffe

    Trailer Design – Steve Emily & Jessica Weaver